“Does hunting make us human?”: A collection to savor

Over the past eight months, I have posted a number of links—via Facebook and Twitter—to essays in a series hosted by the Center for Humans and Nature, revolving around a provocative question: “Does hunting make us human?”

The series, in which I was honored to participate, is of much broader scope than I ever expected.

Curated by good friends and fine scholars Mary Zeiss Stange and Jan Dizard, the collection boasts contributions by more than twenty writers, including Steve Bodio, David Stalling, Jill Carroll, Paula Young Lee, Jim Sterba, David Petersen, Eric Nuse, Ceara Donnelley, Mark Duda, Holly Heyser, Florence Shepard, and Jed Meunier.

This evening, the series culminated in a live discussion at the College of Charleston, which I would have loved to attend.

Please join me in thanking Mary, Jan, and the Center’s staff for their efforts in bringing this collection together.

And, when you have a chance, please check out the essays.

There’s a lot to chew on.


  1. Jon S says:

    Hey Tovar, this is a great post, I’m going to chew on these awhile. I’ve got my own theories about the relationship between religion and hunting, pondered mostly on the drives back from hunts, but I’ll spare you those ponderings on this comment. For now.

    BTW your blog, among some others, have inspired me to take a crack at blogging a bit. If you have some advice toss it my way.



    • Tovar says:

      Thanks, Jon. I hope you enjoy the essays. And I look forward to hearing your thoughts on religion and hunting at some point.

      Congrats on your new blog! I doubt I have any pearls of wisdom to impart on that front, but am happy to field questions.

  2. Jasmin says:

    Thank you for the link. Looking forward to reading these essays. I, too, would have loved to have attended, being a College of Charleston alumna. Dr. Rashford was my favorite professor.

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