Bridging diversity,
Finding common ground

Tovar CerulliThe landscape of environmental and wildlife conservation is in rapid transition: ecological, cultural, political, and fiscal.

To succeed, we need to be more agile and innovative. We need to step outside our habitual silos. We need to engage in conversations with the unfamiliar.

As a vegan-turned-hunter, active listener, and student of culture and communication, Tovar has a unique ability to comprehend and relate to diverse groups, issues, and perspectives.

Drawing on mature, adaptive speaking skills, he delivers seminars and keynote talks, addressing controversial topics in ways that cultivate mutual respect.

Drawing on leadership experience bridging disparate views of natural resources policy and management, he serves as a collaborative thinking partner and strategic consultant for leaders and teams across sectors. He helps clients and stakeholder groups:

♦  share ideas related to contentious issues,
♦  discover insights and shared values,
♦  identify common purposes, and
♦  find points of actionable strategic alignment.