A caretaker and a killer

For the future of wildlife conservation, it is crucial that we bridge the gaps between hunters and non-hunters.

Online at The Atlantic: “A Caretaker and a Killer.”


  1. Paul Roberts says:

    Congrats, Tovar! Great venue for your writing and for the very important message. Well done.

    I’m not so thrilled about the provocative (even incendiary) image and title that were chosen -I assume by the eds. The Bambi-like “fawn” in that image looks to be an adult female fallow deer.

    I once tried to bring together the hook-n-bullet and flyfishing groups on an issue of importance to all. The local press had a field day selling papers with incendiary titles to not only reporter pieces but my own guest column trying to bring the sides together. People came to the public meetings ready to fight. So sad.

    • Tovar says:

      Thanks, Paul.

      Sorry to hear of your experience trying to bring folks together. Thankfully, it doesn’t always go that badly!

      I had no say over the article title or image. Writers usually don’t, as you know from your own experience.

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