Postcard from a hiatus

August 5, 2014

I haven’t fallen off the planet. I hope you find some tasty morsels in the mixed bag to come.

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A caretaker and a killer

March 14, 2014

For the future of wildlife conservation, it is crucial that we bridge the gaps between hunters and non-hunters.

Online at The Atlantic: “A Caretaker and a Killer.”

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Sex, kills, and videotape*

March 4, 2014

Years ago, I would have found it utterly repulsive to watch video footage of a hunter killing an animal. Over the past decade, as a hunter, I have occasionally watched such scenes. I still don’t enjoy seeing them. The analogies I use to explain my discomfort are both imperfect.

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Deer music, land music, sky music: A first drum

July 6, 2013

Stories take time to unfold. Months ago, I was going to write about making my first drum. I was going to start by telling how I nearly left the deer hide for the coyotes in November. Living in the modern world, I find eating venison more practical than wearing buckskin. Then I was going to […]

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Dietary fundamentalism impairs sight and hearing

June 10, 2013

Conversations about diet raise important questions concerning the ethics and ecology of food. Too often, though, these conversations get short-circuited by the certainty and intolerance characteristic of fundamentalism. One symptom of fundamentalism is tunnel vision: seeing only what we want to see. Certain that a meat-and-potatoes diet is the American way to eat, some people […]

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Of the Earth: Eating and being

April 22, 2013

Here in north-central Vermont, the earth is just beginning to thaw. By May, though, my wife Catherine and I will be planting tiny seeds in the circular bed at the center of our garden. A few weeks later, we will kneel there with scissors, snipping lettuce—oak leaf, red sails, blushed butter, merlot, and troutback—into a […]

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Hunting: The encyclopedia entry

March 17, 2013

Suppose you knew someone who was asked to write an encyclopedia entry. The topic: hunting in the United States today. The encyclopedia: a new three-volume, million-word tome on Food Issues. The goal: to give readers—mainly high school and college students—an overview of issues, controversies, and fascinating things about hunting the range of perspectives on hunting […]

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