Bridging divides,
Navigating change

Tovar CerulliThe landscape of environmental and wildlife conservation is in rapid transition: ecological, cultural, political, and fiscal.

To succeed, we need to be more agile and innovative. We need to step outside our habitual silos. We need to engage in conversations with the unfamiliar.

As a vegan-turned-hunter—and an environmentalist with a chain saw—Tovar serves as a unique bridge across diverse ways of thinking about human relationships with nature and wildlife.

A perceptive listener and skilled communicator, he is a consultant and convener for leaders and teams across sectors. Meeting with clients in person and long distance, he provides counsel, helping them:

♦  gain new insights,
♦  clarify their vision,
♦  expand their perspectives, and
♦  fulfill their missions more effectively.

As a thinking partner and ambassador, Tovar specializes in helping people find common ground, integrate conflicting ideas, understand a wider range of viewpoints, and build collaborations in which diverse views are valued.