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I have been wondering about humans and other animals since I was a boy. I grew up in Vermont and New Hampshire, where I spent long summer days outdoors, exploring and swimming, gathering wild blueberries for breakfast and reeling in brook trout for dinner.

After college—at Dartmouth, in Japan, and at the New School in Manhattan—I headed back to nature, where my education began. I worked for several years as a carpenter. Then, having handled umpteen thousand board-feet of lumber and having burned dozens of cords of firewood, I bought a chain saw and took my ecological values for an enlightening walk in the woods, apprenticing with a forester-logger.

A few years later, having returned to omnivory after a decade as a vegetarian, I decided to take my dietary ethics for a walk in the woods, too, deer rifle in hand.

I have written on hunting, wildlife, forestry, and conservation for Outdoor America, High Country News, Northern Woodlands, Massachusetts Wildlife, and TheAtlantic.com, among others. My first book, The Mindful Carnivore: A Vegetarian’s Hunt for Sustenance, has drawn praise from hunters and vegetarians alike and was named Best Book of 2012 by the New England Outdoor Writers Association.

As a conservation and communication consultant, I foster insight, understanding, and collaboration, especially among groups with diverse perspectives on hunting, wildlife, and conservation. I welcome opportunities to connect with people who have similar interests and to explore the potential for working together.

In 2009, I was awarded a Graduate School Fellowship by UMass-Amherst and returned to academia after many years away. Studying in the Department of Communication, and working as a teaching and research assistant, I earned my MA in 2011 with a thesis on what I call “adult-onset hunters.” I completed PhD coursework in 2013 and am now working on my dissertation, focused on the complex cultural perspectives surrounding wolf conservation, management, and hunting in the western Great Lakes region.

I am a founding board member and co-chair of the New England Chapter of Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

I live in Vermont with my wife Catherine and an eclectic mix of cookbooks.

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